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This is a wonderful study that will help you understand how to survive a spiritual wilderness. You will learn much from this study and what God has in mind when this happens in your life. Because He has something very specific for each believer in a wilderness.

Whether you feel overwhelmed and on the verge of burn-out or in a state of spiritual dryness,  Spiritual Joy Even In the Wilderness is just for you.

Feeling overwhelmed can feel similar to being in a wilderness.  It is a hard place to be and most of the time feel lonely and hopeless.  There seems to be no way out from under the pile of to-dos and want-to-dos.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Before you learn what the wilderness is formally, let me share with you what the wilderness is not.

First, the wilderness is not God punishing you or God disapproving of your life.

Second, it is not God abandoning you.

Third, it is not God putting you on a spiritual shelf or ignoring you until He’s ready to use you in a greater way.

Fourth, the wilderness is not defeat or loss of any kind.

So, what then is the wilderness? That’s what we will explore in depth in this 4-week study.

This course is for the woman who:

  • Feels overwhelmed by life
  • Feels far from God
  • Feels spiritually dry and alone.
  • Wonders where God is or why certain things are happening in her family.
  • Feels as though her prayers are not being heard and wonders if God even knows her name

You don’t have to remain in the wilderness.  There is a way out.  Let’s head there and back together.